Bloopers Slots Online Has A Fun Celebrity Theme

In Bloopers Slots game, you are going to see many fun features. This game is based on Stars and their bloopers. The bloopers in this slot game are pictured as cute little monsters. As you play, you will figure out which bloopers you would prefer. To start you can pick the amount you would like to wager and then spin the reels.

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The Wild Symbol in Bloopers Slots is one of the fun features to look out for. This wild symbol will appear as a gold trophy, and can replace a number of symbols allowing you a higher chance at more winnings that are bigger. These can also include the clappers, actors, and the jokers. The next fun feature to look out for is the Scatter Symbol. This feature will activate if you get the right star on the reels. If you get three of the stars without the bloopers, it will trigger the free spins. If you do get the bloopers, then the function of the trigger will change. If you get the actress and actor in a spin, they will become stuck, as they are a part of the winning spin. You will also see the bloopers throughout your spins and they will do their bonuses as well. This slot game is very colorful making it easy for the players to distinguish the characters and features as they reel spins.

Throughout the game, you should be watching out for five bloopers that will activate another fun feature, called The Bonus Feature. All five bloopers will have a different color and a different effect. If you get the Blue Blooper, it will expand wilds. If you get the Green Blooper, it can take away any symbol during a non-winning spin. If you get the Pink Blooper, it will give you a chance to win more free spins during the bonus game. If you get the Purple Blooper, you will see it blast the symbols and rearrange where they are on the reels. If you get the last blooper, which Is yellow, you will see it put random symbols on the reels.

The Bloopers game is easy, fun, and colorful. The Bloopers slots has a lot of winnings to offer its players. This game also has an easy How to Play guide for any who is new to the game. Making any and all players experience fun and simple. If you want to try or play the Bloopers Slots game, you can find it at

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