Free Egyptian-Themed Slots Available With Pyramid Plunder Slots

Pyramid Plunder is a five feel, 25 winline game that is part of the proprietary WinADay software platform. The game is available in a free demo version online. As the game loads on the screen you will see a pyramid and the sphinx in gold color graphics – both images seem to illuminate light as a load bar made of stone moves across the screen indicating the game's loading process.

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Along the right side of the screen, you will see five mouse driven buttons running down the length of the game window. A button with the cherries icon reveals the game's paytable. One of the symbols in the game is a golden scarab. If you get the golden scarab anywhere on the reels, the game performs the Golden Scarab Spell – the scarab will animate, leave its existing frame and move to another random frame where it will change the icon into something else – this could potentially turn a losing combo into a winning combo instantly. There is also a feature in Pyramid Plunder called The Mummy's Surprise. In the latter feature, if the Golden Mummy icon appears on the reels, once any winning combo is paid out, the Mummy will shift the reels and potentially form new winning combinations that you get paid for as well.

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On the left of the reels in Pyramid Plunder, there appears a transparent pyramid. Every time you get a piece of the pyramid on the reels, it will begin to fill up the transparent pyramid. You must collect all four pieces of the pyramid to trigger the bonus round in the game. In the bonus round you will see a three by three grid. You can pick three items in the grid. You might discover a map, free pick up, free spins, or credits. If you get free spins they will play out automatically at the conclusion of the bonus round. If you get a free pick feature, you get to choose an additional item. If you discover a map you get the name of a pyramid that will appear in the next treasure hunt you enter. The different locations include King Tut's tomb, Cleopatra's pyramid, Seti's pyramid, Ramases pyramid, or Nefertiti's pyramid. The latter two mentioned pyramids have the highest payouts.

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