Ghostbusters Slot Machine Online

The Ghostbusters Slot Machine game is full of fun and thrilling bonus features, such as, Ballroom Buster, Stay Puft, Paranormal Pick, and Cash Award. In the Ballroom Buster bonus round you have to select a proton sack in which you will use to blow up elements. You will have a number of chances to try to find the hidden ghosts. Each ghost you capture you will gain a credit, and sometimes you will get a multiplier to help you earn more winnings.

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In the Stay Puft bonus round there will be marshmallows falling, and once they stick to any of the icons on the screen they will become the wild multiplier. These will allow you to double your winnings if the combinations are just right. The Psychic feature will make you pick a card. You have to make it match the one that is on the screen.

In the bonus round Paranormal Pick, you will have to choose from green gas like clouds, and it will offer you a chance to win the progressive jackpot. All you have to do is chase the and choose an option from the 5 given choices. No matter what choice you pick, you will have the chance to win the paranormal progressive. If you decide to place the highest bet, you are guaranteed to win a prize, and if you get 3 of the Ghostbusters symbol in the middle line, you will get to win bonus games and possibly win the progressive.

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Cash Awards is another fun feature where the Slimer character will offer a show before you get your payout. Your payout in this bonus round is worth 50,000 times the amount of your coin value. If you get the multiplier feature in this bonus round it will help increase your winnings by X2 or X5. During this feature, one to four symbols in the game will turn into wild symbols. A fun feature in this bonus round is Wild Reels. In this feature, you will see 1 to 3 reels get slimed before turning into a wild reel.

IGT slots powers the Ghostbusters slots game. It offers and easy tutorial through the pay table. Has excellent game quality, has no lagging, and the characters look like they’re from the movie themselves. The game offers the Ghostbusters theme song, making you feels like you are a real ghost buster. It is a game full of fun, thrill, and scares. This slot game is available at

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