Slots With Bonus Rounds Help Get Bonus Bankroll

Did you know that the majority of the top online casinos for playing slots with bonus rounds offer players ways to earn free bonus bankroll? One of the best ways to get a little extra cha-ching in your player account is through refer a friend programs at these hot online casinos that offer slots games. Sure, you can get some extra bang for your buck when you hit big on those slots with bonus rounds, but to really get some extra bankroll in your player account you should definitely consider the benefits of refer a friend programs.

Top Casino Offers

Refer a friend programs are loyalty rewards perks that online casinos offer to players who regularly game at their gambling venue. Not all online gambling destinations offer them, but those with the hottest slots and fully fleshed out casino gaming offerings typically do. You can find the details of most refer a friend programs on their own page, or tab, but sometimes the friend referral details for a particularly hot casino are in their promotions information.

Most friend referral programs work the same whether you play slots with bonus rounds, or you prefer other casino games like roulette, blackjack, or poker. You can usually use the bonus bankroll to play slots, or any other games on the site. However, to get that extra promotional money in your player account you need to invite your friends to play at the casino.

Top Casino Offers

Many online casino gambling venues that offer slots with bonus rounds have easy to use forms that can be accessed right online. You can use these forms to invite your friends through the friend referral program at your favorite online casino. Once your friend accepts the invitation and becomes a member of the casino then both you, and your friend, get some bonus bankroll to play with.

Some online casinos that offer slots with bonus rounds also have a link option for the refer a friend program. This is useful so you can use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to invite your friends to play the casino. You can also use a refer a friend link in a personal email to get your friend to join up at the casino where you’ve found the best slots online. Although forms work, we have found that we get better results with the personal link email option for referrals.


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